Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More German learning

I am starting to learn German and so far it seems like a pretty hard language to learn. I am starting completely from scratch, only knowing a few basic phrases and sometimes getting a few words from its similarity to Dutch and English. My basic strategy is this. I won't spend too much time drilling myself and memorizing words, but want to follow a more easy going route. I've signed up for a beginners German class, but have to catch up since I joined it late. I also have Pimsleur German, so will try to listen to that as well. I will do this, while trying to keep up my other languages in which I am already fluent by listening to native material such as the news or movies on the internet.

Some German words I've learnt.
wie- how
was- what
wer- who
wo- where
wohin-where (as in where is someone going?)
woher- from where

ich- me
du- you
er/sie/es- he/she/it
wir- we
ihr- you(plural)
sie- they
Sie- you(as in a more formal sense)

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